Natural Therapeutic FACELIFT Massage

Natural Therapeutic FACELIFT Massage

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Natural Therapeutic FACE Lift Massage Training

Natural Therapeutic FACELIFT Massage is a facial toning and sculpting treatment but it's much more than that since the key organs of the body are indirectly stimulated throughout the treatment. Perhaps in part why people often say their sleep and digestion improves after each treatment session.

The 8 units of unique and some not so unique moves applied during this treatment help to improve the circulatory and lymphatic systems, reduce constrictions in the connective tissues, stretch, tone (lift) and sculpt the facial muscles. All of this helps to bring more blood and protein molecules to the cells which in turn will give a firmer and fuller look with the skin.

Who is best suited to do this training?

This is a facial treatment those with prior facial or body work experience. Rmt's, Reflexologists, Aestheicians or skin care professionals. It is best suited to those who are keen to focus primarily on the face such as spa therapists, aestheticians and skin care specialists. This course is a credit course with NHPC, CMOTTA.  Due to the intensity of the training I do not advise you take this course for continuing education credits only. It is best suited to those intent on working on the face for at least 30 to 50% of their clients.

This training and treatment delivery requires good dexterity and full ROM of the wrists, fingers and thumbs. Any limitations in this way will impede your ability to do the treatment well. Also those attending the training must not be experiencing any skin conditions of concern. Full face acne, dermatitis, eczema or recent facial enhancements. While these are conditions that can be over time improved with this treatment these conditions are not suited for the classroom training due to the extensive work done on the face during training which can in some cases, exacerbate such skin conditions. 

How is the treatment delivered?

With the client laying suppine on a massage table 8 sets of unique moves utilizing the palms, fingers, and the pads of the thumb are applied in a set sequence by the therapist. Acupressure moves followed by circular massaging movements free the constrictions within the facial muscles allowing the muscles to relax, immediately giving a more youthful appearance. Sweeping techniques act as a gentle exfoliating treatment encouraging dead skin cells to slough off, revealing new skin cells and creating a fresher complexion. Lifting and firming techniques improve the lymph drainage and increase blood circulation aiding in the removal of toxins. All of these moves help to plump up the dermis. After one treatment the skin on the face is better hydrated and often glowing.

How does Natural (Therapeutic) Face Lift Massage vary from other Facials?

The Natural Therapeutic Face Lift Massage may de-crease facial lines and leave the recipients feeling more relaxed and connected to their body. Following the treatment many people experience a general overall sense of wellbeing and improvements in both their digestion and their ability to sleep more soundly. Supplementary post treatments (for e.g., hydrating masks,eye treatments) are not necessary but can be an optional add-on to this treatment. Natural Therapeutic Face Lift Massage is an excellent treatment to give prior to facial enhancements and procedures like botox, fillers, peels and microdermabrasion.

What are the treatment times and typical fees for a Natural Therapeutic Face Lift Massage Treatment?

Each treatment application from start to finish is 60 minutes. Treatment prices vary from $95 up to $195 depending on the setting this is offered in. Often this treatment is sold in packages of 3, 6 or 12 sessions.

To learn more about the benefits and contraindications of this treatment please visit this website link.