Breast Massage

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A practical focus for massage therapists who want a hands-on focus to breadt health,  either learning new techniques or updating their previous skills.

The 14 hours  will include a review of anatomy and physiology,  the lymphatic system,  indications and contraindications,  healthy and unhealthy breast differences, the therapeutic relationship- boundaries and the ethics of safe touch, benign breast conditions and surgeries such as lumpectomies,  mastectomies, reductions and biopsies.

We will focus on treatment skills for a few protocols of basic breast massage and for post- surgery options including home care exercises,  hydrotherapy,  breadt health tips and meditation. There will be a video and a DVD to watch on breast health. 

YYou will receive electronic files filled with an assortment of breast health information that I have found helpful in my practice and I will share a breast massage oil that I like to use.