Think Like a Client: Zoom Webinar

Think Like a Client: Zoom Webinar

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Imagine this - while checking out your client post massage session you ask "would you like to rebook?" and they reply with "I'll need to check my schedule" or "I'll wait to see how I feel first".  

Months goes by and you don't hear from them again. Does this sound familiar? 

These 2 scenarios may be entirely the case for some clients, but oftentimes, people have a hard time dealing with conflict or confrontation so hitting the "pause" button on rebooking is the easiest thing to do. One case study concluded about 1 in every 26 customers are honest about the service they've received! 

Like it or not, our clients are our customers and it's important to gain insight into what exactly they're looking for from massage appointments.  

We all want strategies to keep our calendars full but understanding how they think is the missing link to client retention! 

This 2 hour webinar will cover

  • Exactly *HOW* thinking like your client will save you time, effort, money, and stress 
  • Understanding your customer: What clients know they want 
  • Understanding your customer: What clients subconsciously want
  • Understanding your customer: What drives clients away
  • The exact onboarding process that got me fully booked in 6 months (and quitting my second job). 

Any questions can be directed to Kelly Cabrera at or Instagram DM @breakthrough_massage_academy