Trager® Level 1- June 10 - 13 & June 16- 18, 2023 ( 7days)

Trager® Level 1- June 10 - 13 & June 16- 18, 2023 ( 7days)

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Trager® is a unique approach to bodywork and somatic movement therapy developed by Dr. Milton Trager, MD who became aware of the basic principles at the age of 18 and spent over 50 years refining his work. In its full expression, Trager has become known as a highly effective neuro-fascial approach to bodywork with applications in rehabilitation, movement re-patterning, and psychophysical integration.

The tablework, involving deep, fluid rocking movements (oscillations) of muscles and joints combined with gentle traction and compression, feeds the brain’s natural neuroplasticity and induces dramatic muscular relaxation, along with feelings of lightness, freedom, and flexibility. Sessions also include individualized, mindful, somatic movement explorations called Mentastics®.

Trager level one is the first step in the Trager Certification program.

Free ZOOM Introduction/ information sessions; April 17, from 2pm to 3 pm.  May 1, from 6pm to 7 pm.  Please register by emailing Karl at , to receive your zoom link.  

In person introduction/ demonstration May 15th and May 29th from 5pm to 7 pm at 8925 – 82nd Ave.  Please register by emailing Karl at