Thai Massage Training - 60 Hrs

Thai Massage Training - 60 Hrs

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$1777 (Includes both Foundation)  Price is going up in 2024.

" Join me on this fun and amazing adventure of learning Thai Massage in a supportive and safe environment "

" Your timing is right to learn Thai Massage. It is just starting to get popular and there are not a lot of Thai Massage Practitioners out there "

" Thai Massage is more than just a Massage, it is an experience "

" My course is intensive, comprehensive and like a retreat at the same time "

Traditional Thai Massage is a deeply therapeutic, luxurious form of bodywork that brings together the asanas of Yoga, aspects of Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese Acu-points, and Buddhism spiritual serenity. It is a dynamic spiritual practice and an ancient healing art, much like a gentle form of martial arts. Thai Massage acts as a meditation for both the giver and the recipient - with the rhythm, beauty, and softness or Thai culture.

Francine brings 25 years of experience in Thai Massage and delivers a course like no other, that offers a strong foundation in Thai Massage, while respecting the Traditional ways of the masters and many lineages she has learned from.  In her course, not only will you learn the sequences of Thai Massage, but you will also learn about Thai Medicine and Spirituality which makes this course ever so special.

Francine is an RMT, Manual Osteopathy Practitioner, and Registered Advanced Thai Massage Therapist with over 7000 hours of practice in Thai Masssage alone.  She has been teaching this course for 20 years and it just keep getting better. She resides in Nelson, BC and comes to Calgary once or twice a year to teach.

  • Both foundations need to be taken for the full course and to receive certification.
  • Certificate upon completion. NHPC - 15 credits
  • Space is limited to 10 people so register early. 
  • No previous experience in massage necessary
  • A Phone consultation is required prior to registering. 
  • Location of the course: In Rideau, Calgary, just South of Mission and next to the Elbow River

Text 250-354-8190 to set up a time to chat

Looking forward to hearing from you.