Jade Stone hot/cold Course

Jade Stone hot/cold Course

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Accredited relaxation Hot Stone Course 

Stone Therapy Certification plus 30 hours of credits

Muscle Release’s Relaxation Jade Hot/Cold Stone course was created to provide the physiological, spiritual, and emotional benefits of heat and Jade into your treatments. During the course we will be using a unique approach with the Jade stones for a relaxation FULL BODY massage with some therapeutic components, for the sole purpose of releasing the muscles and connecting the mind body and soul. We will be using the stones for heat, the healing aspects of Jade and as a tool to protect your hands.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learning a unique technique that is both efficient and effective

  • Understanding depth/ pressure of stones

  • Understanding how to effectively release muscles

  • Understanding the contraindications

  • Understanding the benefits of using heat

  • Learning a full body routine using Jade Stones

  • Understanding massage depth with the Hot Stones

  • Understanding how to use and hold all of the different Jade Stones

  • Understanding the benefits of Jade stone massage and heat


Our technique is proven from clinical experience and studies in the Sports Medicine Field to help the massage therapist and have added benefits to the patients. We have also taken special care and pride on how we deliver this information. The course is designed by Alix Claydon who also holds a Bachelor of Education and has specialized in curriculum development. We understand that each person learns differently. This is why we made sure we have incorporated Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinaesthetic teachings into our courses. Each ‘lab’ and demonstration is taught to small groups no more than 6 people per instructor. During demonstrations we have written, visual, and reading steps on a ppt. During the labs the instructors are very engaged and help you with biomechanics and give you different ideas. We are confident we can help you learn and master Muscle Release’s Jade Hot/Cold Stone course in 2 days.