Power of Assessment: Lumbar Spine, Hip and SI

Power of Assessment: Lumbar Spine, Hip and SI

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Power of Assessment: Lumbar Spine, Hip and SI

Saturday & Sunday: July 22-23 - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Edmonton Alberta - Vicars School of Massage Therapy
Assessment, Differentials and Treatment approaches
Speaker: Caleb Fenton RMT, CSMTA (cc)

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(204) 371-7619


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About the Seminar/Webinar:
    Power of Assessment webinars and seminars are designed with the RMT in mind to aid in addressing several pathologies and conditions an RMT may experience in their own practice. Whether you are wanting to review anatomy, assessment and special tests or develop a more clinical/rehabilitative approach in your practice, this seminar is for you.
    We discuss several conditions, red flags and other considerations when addressing the lower back and hip region to aid in differentiating symptom pathology, how the may overlap or reciprocate off each other. We’ll also briefly discuss neurological radiculopathy and trigger point referrals into the hip and lower limb.
    In this seminar, specific to the lower back, hip and SI joint, we’ll be discussion over 35 pathologies in the region, how to assess for them and differentiate between them using a protocol of assessment and finally some discussion on how to best treat for greater outcomes.

The protocol for assessment in this seminar will look like:
- Pre-treatment observations
- Questions
- General pain & discomfort questions
- Questions specific to the region being taught
- Observations and palpations
- Range of Motion testing
    - Active, Passive, Resisted and Assisted
- Normal degrees of movement
    - End Presser and End Feels
    - Muscular involvement
- 30 + Orthopedic and Special tests

About the Speaker:
    Caleb Fenton, graduated in 2009 from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy (PIMT) with honors. Early in his career, Caleb found it difficult to sustain a practice due to several no-shows, late cancellations and clients not wanting to rebook. This led to an almost career change.
    In 2013, he made a radical shift, focusing on an assessment based practice, treating what is presented through thorough assessment. Educating and showing the client proper home care to help maintain their symptoms. Fast forward to now, Caleb is booking consistently 6 months in advance with a growing cancellation list. Caleb has found success with his assessment based practice and began researching and writing “Power of Assessment,” which has led him to write 5 articles for the Massage Therapy Canada magazine, speak at seminars and webinars in Canada.
    Caleb has also used his research and experience to delve into sports massage therapy, either at the side lines with sports teams or privately, referred by many coaches and family members in hockey, rugby, football, soccer, swimming and baseball. Caleb has had the rare opportunity to treat clients before injury, in acute to chronic injury and full recovery. This has allowed him to witness and treat changes the body goes through, both locally and systemically and wishes to share his knowledge with other passionate RMT’s.

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- Heather Whittaker Memorial Award - 2018
- MTAM 10 year Membership Milestone - 2019
- MTAM Merit Award - 2019
- 2x Nominee for Steinbach Chamber of Commerce Future Leader Award - 2018 & 2019

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- Southeast Thistles Rugby Club - 2017-2018
- Winnipeg Blue Bombers - 2018
- Steinbach Pistons Hockey Club 2017 & 2018
- Eastman Raiders Peewee Football Club - 2019
- Hanover Fusion U17 Women’s Soccer Team - 2020

Published Articles - Massage Therapy Canada Magazine:
- Power of Assessment - 2019
- ‘Weakened’ Warriors - 2019
- The Low Down of Back Pain - 2020
- Lower Limb Referral - 2022
- Nail in the Head (Headaches) - 2022