Rattan Massage

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Add rattan sticks, or solid bamboo to your therapeutic massage! effective tools for release save your hands and body. Use as stand alone treatment, or add as tools to your massage. Great leverage with long round, myofascial release using the edge of the half round. Use heated in heating pad, cool or unheated. Mobile easy to use. Clients love it and so will your hands! 5 shapes to use, full body - glutes, IT band, legs, arms, pecs, neck, back, levators and more. Use less effort to get results! 10 ccp's with NHPC, ceu's 15 CMMOTA and MTAS. Approved for insurance. Instructor is RMT and certified in Bamboo massage. Cost: $420 no gst, bamboo kit of 9-10 pieces in bag $168. To Register: email jonibrestler@hotmail.com 403-891-4822. Held May and Fall, Oct 14-15th 2023. Private classes get 3 or more! Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, Lethbridge.