Massage Business Courses

Massage Business Courses

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Transform your massage practice into a thriving business venture with dedicated business courses designed exclusively for massage therapists!

Discover the secret to success as you master essential entrepreneurial skills, unlock powerful marketing strategies, and gain the financial know-how to maximize your profitability and create a lasting impact in the wellness industry.

Some current courses are: 

  • Social Media Tips for Busy Massage Therapists. Build ideas, get creative, and learn how to evaluate social media for your practice 
  • Think Like a Client: The Secret To Client Retention. Fill your schedule and stop the rebooking worry. Ever wonder "how can I get clients to find me?" or maybe "I gave a great massage, why didn't that client rebook?" We think about massages from the massage therapist perspective. We must think about massages from the outlook of our clients instead! 
  • Future Proof Your Massage Practice for 2023. A useful course no matter the month (or year). Enhance your revenue, adapt your mindset for massage, learn about niching your practie, simple budgeting, goal setting, and how to analyze the massage market so you stand out. 

New courses launching every month and FREE webinars twice a month. 

Breakthorugh Massage Academy's goal is to help the lives of 100,000 clients by assisting at least 100 massage therapists to offer amazing massages, a great practice space, and reduce the mental fatigue of operating a massage schedule.

For more information, visit You can reach me, Kelly Cabrera, anytime at for any questions or inquiries. 

Reach more clients. Grow your practice. Reduce the stress. Find your breakthrough!