'Thai Massage on the Table' In-person Training | Also available as Online Livestreaming course

'Thai Massage on the Table' In-person Training | Also available as Online Livestreaming course

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Dates: 2-Days, Wed. Nov. 15 & Thurs. Nov. 16, 2023 | 9:30AM - 5:30PM Each Day | No pre-requisites
SAVE $55 with EARLY BIRD when paying a $100 deposit by Oct. 28th! 
Early Bird Cost:
$495+tx | After Oct. 28th: $550+tx
Location: 'Santosha Yoga Mission Studio' 1800 4th St. SW, Calgary, 3rd floor Yoga Studio (park for only $2.50 per day!)
Credits: NHPC 10.0 CCP's, MTAS 14.0 Primary CEC's, CRMTA 14.0 CEC's, CMMOTA 11.25 CEC's, MTANS 7.5 Primary CEC's, MTWPAM 14.0 Primary CEC's, MTAM 14.0 Core Competency Credits
Instructor: Sharon Brown-Horton, Affiliate Certified Instructor with 'ITM Thai Massage School' of Chiang Mai, Thailand and Registered NHPC Thai Massage Instructor

This Table-based Course is perfect for students who are looking to explore what Thai Massage is all about!

This course gives you a little bit of what is learned from both the Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Module 1 & Module 2 Mat-based courses and explores Thai Massage sequences and yogic like stretches with the recipient in the Supine, Prone & Side Lying Positions on a Massage Table. If you are limited for space in your studio/massage clinic, or cannot get down on a mat to work comfortably on a client, then this course is for you!

What you will learn in this course:

  • Explore the healing potential of Thai Massage! This 2,500 year old healing wisdom incorporates the use of 'Metta' that is taken from the Buddhist philosophy of imparting loving kindness on all beings and is often referred to as the Lazy Person's Yoga. Recent research has found Thai Massage to have positive health benefits to easing low back pain, enhancing flexibility, lowering blood pressure and opening up the internal energy flow of the body to increase overall health.

  • Learn a combination of Northern and Southern style Thai Massage and Passive Thai Yoga Stretches, as it can be applied on the Massage Table - the Practitioner has the option to either stay on the floor, or to move up and on/off the Table. Many possibilities will be explored.

  • Learn 10-Reflexology points for the feet, how to work 3-major 'Sen Energy Lines' of legs and arms, Thai Yoga stretches for hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, triceps, chest, plus R.O.M. for hips and spine and much, much more.

  • Learn a 60 - 90 min. full body Thai Massage sequence to include massage for back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, face, scalp and the entire lower body.

  • All students will be sent a reading assignment in advance of the course.

What is included: 

  • Workbook with pictures and step-by-step abbreviations for all Thai Yoga Massage sequences.
  • Pre-class YouTube video on the topic of 'Sen Energy Lines' and how to work them.
  • Unlimited 90-day Video On-Demand Access to practice Zoom Video recordings of the training event.

Early Bird Registration for In-person Course Wed. Nov. 14 & Thurs. Nov. 15, 2023
 Pay $100 deposit
 toward full cost of $519.75 tx incl. 

Register for Online Livestreaming course Sat. Oct. 14 & Sun. Oct. 15, 2023

Pay $519.75 tx incl. (Workbook will be mailed out to you | Access to Zoom meeting link for the training will be emailed upon registration, along with a Reading Assignment
More information on the Livestreaming Course Details

Contact sharon@banyanthaimassage.com for more information | Cell 604-773-2645

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