Hot Stone Massage Program

Hot Stone Massage Program

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  • Become skilled in Hot Stone Therapy and earn 10 NPCP credits

    The best Hot Stone course built with experience, results and innovation


    Please note: This course requires you to bring your hot stones and heater.

    In this fun and fantastic course, you will learn:

    • A full-body technique of hot stone massage with alternating temperature stones
    • How to handle the rocks safely and effectively
    • Specific techniques using the stones, taking advantage of shapes and different stones
    • Treat with a flow, energy, and balance treatment
    • Uses of contrast temperatures in treatment
    • Learn hydrotherapy principles
    • Specific techniques of myofascial release using flat and edges of the hot stones.
    • Mini treatments using hot and cold stones can be integrated into a regular massage routine or used on their own.
    • Proficient in hot stone therapy
    • Learn from a spa owner with over 25 years of experience.


    I took Lisa's Hot Stone Therapy Course, which helped me more than I expected. I already had practice with Hot Stone, having had every workplace I worked, taught me how they did their protocol; however, I'd never had an actual course. I knew how to handle the rocks well and created my massage technique. Then I took this course and?learned much more than I knew before. Having used stones before, I had an advantage in the class because instead of learning how to handle the stones, I focused on the techniques used. We learned a style that I didn't previously know on the first day. It focused a lot on the treatment's energy, flow, and balance. I loved the technique we learned for a full-body relaxation Hot Stone massage. On the second day, we went deeper and learned about cold stones and how stones could be used in a specialty treatment massage. This was intriguing because I previously did not know about stones for specific treatments. The consensus towards Hot Stone is that it is just a fluffy spa massage. Hot and cold stones on the body can be therapeutic since it creates circulation and in a deeper contrast treatment than hydrotherapy. So I would recommend this course to anyone interested in Stone therapy or interested in a different approach to therapeutic work. I found it beneficial to myself and my practice. I've used the new techniques already, and the results were terrific. My client was thrilled and had never had a Hot Stone treatment like it before. So she rebooked right away because she loved it so much. This course proves that Hot Stone Therapy Massage is more than just a fluffy spa treatment, and I'm very grateful I took it.? 

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