Certification - Aromatherapist Certificate

Certification - Aromatherapist Certificate

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One year

660 hours - 15 NHPC credits

"Our sensing of scent runs deep.  Inhaling the fragrances of oils and and placing them directly on the body may  be technically simple with acupressure but can be transformative for people who seek healing for imbalances of body, mind, and spirit.

The traditional medical wisdom of great civilizations has established its nexus in the collective psyche of herbists, phyicians and healers worldwide who befriend these remedies."  quoted from Peter Holmes, LAc, MH.

Each oil profile gives the optimal dosage range for use in a diffuser, massage oil, liniment in ascending order of intensity of exposure to the oil and progressing from psychological to the physiology end of the spectrum.

We offer an one year Aromatherapist certificate using Winter essential oils (bladder/Kidney meridans) Spring essential oils (gallbladder/ liver meridians), Summer essential oils (heart/pericardium merdians), Late Summer essential oils (spleen/stomach merdians) and Fall essential oils (large intestine /lungs meridans.  60 essential oils profiled.  

For Information Contact Laurie 587 590 4188 or text

Monthly cost $52.48. E-transfer registration to courses@albertaaromatherapy.com . Books purchased by students


  • Massage therapists
  • reflexologists
  • self care