Pre & Post Natal Massage Certification

Pre & Post Natal Massage Certification

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Learn to feel comfortable and confident with Pre and Post Natal clients.  This course gives you an in depth understanding of each trimester (1-10 months) of pregnancy and beyond.   Learn how to bolster safely and treat your client(s) baby included comfortably and effectively.  Learn how to recognize the signs, symptoms, and contraindications to massage through-out each trimester, including the 4th trimester which is often forgotten. Learn the anatomy of the reproductive system, pelvic floor and the muscles that support the pregnancy and how to treat them effectively. Learn how to support the physical, emotional, and mental aspect that come along with being pregnant that we didn’t see coming.  Become the specialist in this area of massage! Stop turning down potential clients because you don’t feel comfortable or know enough to treat safely.  This course will give you that confidence and plenty of referral information to work through any situation that arises. 

I bring to you 17 years + of experience, authenticity, genuine passion for massage and all my knowledge that I can share.  This is a 3-day intensive course PDF included. Theory, hands-on, with exam and certification.  Cost $630.00  includes GST. Can’t wait to see YOU!

Location: Holistic Institute of Health and Fertility South Clinic in Deer Run SE Calgary. Parking is free!

Dates are as followed:

Sept 16-17-18 and Sept 23-24-25th 3 days

Oct 14-15-16th and Oct 28-29-30th 3 days

Nov 18-19-20th 3 days

Sat 1:00pm – 5:00pm 10 to 12 people

Sun 9:00am - 4:00pm 10 to 12 people

Mon 9:00am - 4:00pm  10 to 12 people

Power of Touch,

Franca Perri, RMT

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