Yoga Anatomy for the RMT

Yoga Anatomy for the RMT

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Course Name: Yoganatomy, Continuing Education for the RMT

Course Date: Sunday Nov 19 2023

Course Time: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Instructor: Chad Friel RMT, Therapist

Recommended Reading: The Key Poses of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume II, Ray Long

Recommended Website:

Course Booklet included at beginning of course 

This workshop introduces the Registered Massage Therapist to Yoga Asana’s for therapeutic use in their massage practice. You will learn how to recommend Yoga poses and Yoga inspired stretches to your clients for self care and maintenance. The workshop teaches the RMT specific stretching techniques for the entire body. Emphasis will be on dynamic, Isometric and static stretching techniques. You will learn how to stretch each major muscle group in three different ways depending on your patient's stage of healing and needs. PNF stretches will also be taught so that you can safely administer home care for your clients.

The course will provide you with the skills needed to teach your clients how to apply yoga stretches for the most common areas that are treated by the Registered MassageTherapist.

By participating in this 1 day workshop the therapist will: 

- Improve their clinical skills in providing techniques to regain mobility, stability and flexibility

- Review anatomy of the body and how it relates to yoga asanas

- Offer insightful, Rehab protocol for post op and follow up during sling use and after sling

  • Learn isometric, static, and dynamic stretches
  • Learn unique yoga inspired stretching and the difference between yin and yang in relation to the bodies tissues

- Learn other clinical considerations that can affect shoulder. i.e.  neck, core, hip

- Design a sequence that can be used as a treatment plan for their clients

- Acquire efficient and more effective ways to treat the body

- Obtain deeper understanding of yoga and how it can enhance their massage practice

First 10 people to send their deposit will receive 50 dollars off. 

All participants will recieve 10% discount code to rom assessments. At Online Wellness Institute

FEE: $299  E-transfer or Credit Card is accepted. Please transfer 150 by October 15 th  2023 to secure your spot.  Send to Please email me directly if you have any questions.