Aromatherapy in Palliative Hospice Care

Aromatherapy in Palliative Hospice Care

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In this program, participants will learn about the following:

  • the importance of proper dilution using essential oils for the vulnerable population
  • specific essential oils and the benefits for certain conditions
  • risks, contraindications and cautions
  • when to introduce Aromatherapy and when not to
  • how to create sacred space and self-care in this emotional sensitive skill adding to your tool kit

As a body worker you will never know when a client and/or loved one will approach end-of-life care so best to prepare now. It can be stressful for everyone so gaining some confidence and knowledge now, is best.

Date: Register and we will send you the link.

Duration: approximately 4 hours 

Cost: $97.00 (NHPC Members until December 1st, 2023)

Venue: Online - study from the comfort of your home or office.

About the Presenter:

Rayne Johnson has been a massge and aroma therapist since 1984 and is founder of Sacred Aromas in Palliative Hospice Care and Doing Deathcare Differently. She is passionate about helping to ease the journey at End-Of-Life through using comfort touch and aromatherapy. And help integrate complementary therapies into the healthcare field.