Mindfulness practices(yoga & meditation) for the RMT

Mindfulness practices(yoga & meditation) for the RMT

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Mindfulness applied to your practice is one of the greatest gifts you can give your clients and your self.  Your clients experience will be on a whole different realm.  

When you provide the best service possible you will see an abundance of Repeat clientele.  Consistent customer service is the most essential part of your business for returning clients.  How can we add to what we have been taught in schools??

Being present for every person who walks into our room.  Available in mind, body, spirit and the intention of why we come to work. The fact is that it is an honour to facilitate healing.  Clients feel safe enough to let us facilitate this kind of healing with touch is to be taken seriously.  With one single Touch your client will sense your state of consciousness.  

This year marks 20 years of my “Massage Practice”  I would like to celebrate by sharing!!

Yoga teacher since 2010 and Certified Meditation Teacher since 2016.

zoom workshop-3hrs

  • benefits of yoga, meditation and breath work for RMT’s
  • why mindfulness/presence=repeat clientele
  • Tools to Apply mindfulness(such as embodiment and grounding techniques) to your massage practice and everyday life. 
  • introduction into meditation
  • intro into breath work/meditation styles. 
  • 1hr yoga workshop with dos and Don’t + Important Asanas for the MT.