Rattan Massage

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Learn to work with heated bamboo add to your massage. Great leverage, rolling, kneading, pivoting, myofascial stripping, strip muscle fibres, traction & more. Thai bamboo style works with one piece combined with massage. Asian style uses various sizes and shapes of bamboo and rattan (solid bamboo) heated with heating pad. Easy on the hands, get great release in a one of a kind therapy! Works well with seated/mobile and therapeutic table and deep tissue massage. Instructor is certified in Bamboo Massage. A great therapy, clients love it! To register email: jonibrestler@hotmail.com or call/text 4038914822. $100 deposit required, etransfer accepted. $420 no gst, bamboo kit is extra $168. NHPC 10  domain ceu's, CMMOTA 14 ceu's, MTAS 14 ceu's. Covered by insurance! Held in Saskatoon, Calgary. Host a class with a group by request!