Rattan Massage

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Learn to work with heated bamboo add to your therapeutic massage. Great leverage, rolling, kneading, pivoting, myofascial work, muscle fibre stripping with half round & more. Save your hands in a one of a kind therapy! Thai bamboo uses one shape with massage. Asian style uses various sizes and 5 shapes and techniques added to your therapeutic massage. Easy on the hands. Works well with mobile/seated massage and table massage. Heated rattan (solid bamboo) done with heating pad. Instructor is certified in Bamboo Massage. To register email jonibrestler@hotmail.com or text/call 4038914822 $100 deposit required, etransfer accepted. Certificate class, insurance coverage. $420 no gst, bamboo kit is extra $168. NHPC 10 domain ceu's, MTAS and CMMOTA 14 ceu's. DATES: Saskatoon March 23-24th MTAS office, Calgary May 4-5th, Wyngate Windham SW 9am-5:30 both days.