Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Foundations

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Foundations

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This two-day, weekend event will teach Deep Tissue Massage essentials for working or student RMTs.

Practitioners will learn:

  • Review of the musculature of the body, covering the neck, back, shoulders, legs, hips and forearms; the main muscle groups in this area that are most impacted during daily use.

  • Palpation of origin and insertion points. We’ll be covering the attachment sites, integrating this into our palpation work for O+I therapy. As well as learning to use this to palpate the muscle belly.

  • How to use intentional practices for a deeper massage therapy modality. This is helping the practitioner become more in tune with the client's body, and how to use the client's breath to sink deeper into the tissue. Learn when to push, and when the client's body is saying enough and instead use intention instead of force in the practice.

  • Proper ergonomics and techniques for longevity in the massage therapy industry. Covering proper ergonomics so that practitioners don’t injure themselves attempting deep tissue massage therapy.