Access Bars Facilitator Training

Access Bars Facilitator Training

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Access Bars® Practitioner Training is an immersive workshop designed for individuals seeking to explore this innovative healing modality. 

Throughout the training, participants delve into the foundational principles of Access Bars®, understanding the significance of each of the 32 points and their correlation with various aspects of life. The workshop includes hands-on practice sessions, allowing participants to experience first hand, the therapeutic touch and energy flow associated with Access Bars®.

Key components of the training include learning specific hand positions and techniques for facilitating the release of limitations, beliefs, and thought patterns that may be hindering personal growth and well-being. Participants gain insights into the power of energetic clearing and discover how Access Bars® can contribute to reducing stress, increasing mental clarity, and promoting a sense of ease in different areas of life.

The training includes receiving Access Bars® sessions and providing them to fellow participants, fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment, and helping to deepen participants’ understanding and proficiency in the technique.

Upon completion of the Access Bars® Practitioner Training, individuals are certified as Access Bars® practitioners, equipped with the skills to offer private sessions and contribute to the well-being of others. This training is not only a gateway to a unique healing practice but also a transformative journey that expands awareness, facilitates personal growth, and empowers individuals to make a positive impact on their lives and the lives of others.