Muscle Release Hot/ Cold Stone Deep Tissue

Muscle Release Hot/ Cold Stone Deep Tissue

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Muscle Release Hot Stone COMBO Course

Deep Tissue focus with Relaxation 

Stone Therapy Certification, plus Credits for 20 hours

Deep Tissue Basalt Stone, Himalayan Salt Stones, Jade Stone. Techniques learned can be used with which ever stones you find comfortable! 

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We have created a deep tissue technique unique to the massage therapy field that is based on research. We have combined hot stones with trigger point therapy and movement release. This is a valuable tool to efficiently/effectively release muscles with less effort from you (the therapist). Hot stones bring blood into a localized area, by opening the blood vessels we are supplying the muscles with more nutrients, oxygen, and proteins to promote faster healing, decrease adhesions, increase ROM, and decrease client’s parasympathetic response. There are many more benefits of this technique that we go over in detail adjacent to recent research in the sports medicine field. 

In this course we will use BASALT STONE for a deep tissue and JADE STONE/ Himalayan Salt Stone for therapeutic/Relaxation massage for the purpose of releasing the muscles, using the stones for heat and as a tool to protect your hands. The heat not only helps the client’s muscles, but the same effects on the therapist’s hands. You can use any stone you may find or desire with the techniques taught in this course

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding depth/ techniques with rocks as a tool
  • Understanding how to effectively release muscles with the correct depth and feel
  • Understanding the contraindications
  • Understanding the benefits of using heat
  • Using Hot Stones for relaxation 



All of our courses were developed by Alix Claydon, who has 12 years’ experience in Massage Therapy as well as a bachelor of kinesiology and a Bachelor of Education. Each course is peer reviewed by Dr. Jason Dyck who has a PHD in neuroscience and a master’s in physical therapy. We care about the information we provide you by an in-depth evidence-based approach to research.

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