Meridian Care Center

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Meridian Care Center is your trusted site for continuing education in East Asian Bodywork and Modalities, including cupping therapy, gua sha, acupressure and shiatsu therapy.

Our in person and online courses are based on current research, and at the same time respect the traditions from which these treatments originate.

Online classes include:

Cupping                                                                   Gua Sha for the Body

Cupping for Manual Therapists 8 hr                            Gua Sha for the head, face and neck

Dynamic Cupping Techniques 8 hr

Facial Cupping Masterclass

Scars Masterclass

Our LIVE classes include:

Cupping for Manual Therapists 2 day training 

Gua Sha 1 day training


Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary (enquire for location or to schedule a course)