Regina - rmtPRO Body Wrap Massage

Regina - rmtPRO Body Wrap Massage

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rmtPRO Body Wrap Massage is coming to Regina, August 15th & 16th 2024

Location: Western College of Remedial Massage Therapy

All massage based healing traditions have historically included the application of massage with mediums such as muds, salts, and hydro therapy applications. The rmtPRO Body Wrap Massage course will teach you how to assess and utilize the need for these mediums while you apply therapeutic massage technique to gain effective lymphatic flow, treatment and prevention of the dysfunction and pain of the soft tissues and joints. Feel confident in your knowledge of the anatomy and flow of the body's lymphatic system, connective tissue, and of course, the body's largest organ, the skin! Apply your RMT logic and critical thinking skills to fain the understanding of how rmtPRO Body Wrap Massage techniques affect the body as a whole, from the most outer layer of tissue, to the deepest internal viscera. Learn how to adapt any RMT room for Body Wrap Massage techniques, and the business of incorporating rmtPRO Body Wrap Massage into your current practice.

NHPC - 10 CECs, MTAS 14 CECs

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*please note only professional products are used in this course. For consistency in the learning process we do not allow for the substitution of homemade products or products brought in personally by the student.