Certified Program - SFH Assisted Stretching

Certified Program - SFH Assisted Stretching

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Become an SFH Assisted Stretching Therapist and earn 10 NHPC credits.

Be part of the solution, increase revenue, refresh your skills!

Ease the pain with this brilliant sequence of stretches found in the SFH Assisted Stretching Therapy course. Transform your client's body with stretch therapy that corrects debilitating posture leading to pain. 

Acquire proficiency in applying a methodical and secure stretching regimen on clients positioned on the massage table.  This progressive flow strategically targets constricted muscle groups.  Elect to integrate a 30 minute stretching session either preceding or following the massage, concentrating on either the upper or lower body as per your clients need. 

This is an online course, 4-5 hours of content.  Learn at your pace.

Do not miss this opportunity to elevate your practice!