Muscle Tuner® Specialist Online Program

Muscle Tuner® Specialist Online Program

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This online course provides all that is necessary for students to learn how to competently perform accurate bioenergetic muscle testing for 52 muscles, assessing them for under- AND over- facilitated muscles. It extends knowledge of physiology. 

Students learn 7 corrective techniques that instantly improve facilitation, strength, flexibility and reduce discomfort. They will be able to effortlessly identify which specific correction(s) to apply in order to provide a completely customized session. This forms the basis for assisting their clients rapidly improve strength, flexibility and vitality while reducing stress, tension and pain.

Students work at their own pace with a physical colour manual mailed to them along with accompanying video clips. They may attend unlimited weekly live online meetings with the instructor in order to deepen and refine understanding of the material and develop confidence.

The program has proprietary techniques that release stress from muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, lymphatic & circulatory systems which are revolutionary in ease of application and speed of outcomes. Protocols are provided for chronic pain, range of motion issues and neuro-muscular communication from head to foot.

Students are encouraged to work wholistically and not just focus on the specific area of client complaint. The Muscle Tuning™ System was intended as a stand-alone modality with sessions ranging from 30 - 60 minutes. However, it has been successfully adapted and layered into all types of massage and bodywork to extend the benefits of those therapies and provide longer-lasting results.

12 unit assessments anchor learnings. When the student is ready, arrangements are made for practical and written examinations. Successful completion of these along with agreement to the company’s Code of Ethics leads to a trademark use agreement to promote oneself as a licensed Muscle Tuner® Specialist.