Remedial Stone Massage - Beginner & Advanced Applications

Remedial Stone Massage - Beginner & Advanced Applications

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Not your average hot stone course! 

We'll cover the basics in hot stone massage and how to deliver an exceptional stone massage, but you'll also learn how to administer therapeutic and deep tissue techniques to advance your massage sessions. We'll use hot and cold stone temperatures, trigger point release techniques, and how to adequately affect fascial layers, support lymph and range of motion. 

Join in and become a certified expert in the art of stone massage techniques.  Bring relief to your clients seeking relaxation, pain relief, and a different approach to pathology treatment protocols! 

Course Goals: By the end of this course, you will have learned 

  1. A full stone massage history 
  2. Reviewing hydrotherapy and thermotherapy properties and their benefits 
  3. A general full-body hot stone routine using a variety of stone types (basalt, marble, jade) 
  4. Safe stone massage application
  5. How to communicate with clients during stone massage sessions 
  6. Stone massage body mechanics 
  7. A planning guide to incorporate stonework into your current massage routine
  8. Stone massage affects on the fascial and lymph systems 
  9. Treating trigger points with stones 
  10. How to open lymphatic vessels and synchronize stone strokes to improve edema 
  11. Enhancing stone massage through olfaction
  12. Deep tissue applications to save your hands and expand your massage work  

Prerequisite: Massage therapists must be registered and hold massage insurance to take this course

To register for the Calgary July 15 & 16th class, join here. Enroll with a friend and save $50 off your class fee. To read more about the course or watch the intructor video, visit

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