Advanced Stretching

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Prerequisite: Level 1 and 2 Thai Massage
Duration: 18 Hours   Times: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

This course builds on the skills you have acquired in the first two levels of Nuad Boran training. We do not teach you new sequences but instead will be showing you alternative and extra techniques to add to your existing sequence. You must already know how to perform a Thai massage in all four positions: supine, side-lying, prone and sitting.

The instructor, Grant Martens, is the owner and founder of Sirius Health and is recognized as a Registered Instructor and an Advanced Registered Thai Therapist by the Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI). Grant is also a Certified Instructor for the International Training Massage School (ITM) of Chiang Mai, Thailand, and is licensed by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) as a Thai Massage Practitioner.

The primary focus of this course is to teach you more difficult stretches and joint mobilizations to integrate with your Thai massage. You will learn the correct body positioning for every stretch and know when to utilize these advanced techniques.

The stretching techniques in this course integrate directly with the Level 1 and 2 courses of both the Sirius Health and ITM curriculum. But we recognize Level 1 and 2 Thai massage training from all Thai massage schools.

You will learn 65 new stretches to integrate with your Thai massage by the end of this course.

Advanced Acupressure + Advanced Stretching $870 (Save $90)

Included: Handbook, online course access, certificate