Member Volunteering

The NHPC is seeking practitioners to volunteer for a range of occasions.

From engaging in NHPC initiatives by volunteering for an NHPC committee to participating in an NHPC event and advocating for holistic health, there are always a number of options to get involved with the Association and your community!

A volunteer Board of Directors governs the NHPC, and if you are interested in being a part of it, all you have to do to be considered is complete the Board Application Form (PDF).

The NHPC's conferences, meetings, and workshops would not be the same without the special efforts of volunteers. From hosting workshops, welcoming delegates and presenters, helping with delegate registration to assisting with managing tradeshows, room setup and ushering, there are numerous ways to help make NHPC events even better.

Members who volunteer can earn Continued Competency Program credits by offering their assistance at any of the NHPC's member events.


The NHPC is partnering with various health and wellness fundraising events, such as walks, races, bike tours, etc. NHPC volunteers at these events are asked to provide a 15-minute complimentary treatment to participants.

Volunteering at these events with the NHPC is a great way for members to showcase their practices, demonstrate the value of holistic health, and earn CCP credits.


Participating in tradeshows is one of the NHPC's most successful means of making the public aware of the many ways they can improve their health through holistic treatments.

Volunteering at tradeshows consists of a time commitment of two hours to provide 15-minute treatments from any the NHPC's recognized holistic health practices.

Tradeshows are a great opportunity for members to showcase their practices, earn Continued Competency Program credits, and attract new clients.