Test Run Online

Test Run Online (TRO) is an external resource that the NHPC offers to support members' training and continuing education requirements through activities for all modalities. Members can use TRO to practice for the Competency Equivalency Exam,  to earn Continued Competency Program (CCP) credits, or both.

With TRO, members can fulfill the CCP ethics requirement and earn up to 15 CCP credits.

TRO features include:

  • unlimited tests drawn from over 2,500 random questions
  • customized tests based on any combination of TRO's categories and subcategories, which include foundational knowledge, massage technique, professional practice, treatment planning, and assessment
  • adjustable difficulty levels for practice tests
  • links to websites that can be used as reference materials

Members have access to TRO for 12 months after their registration is processed. Because of this, members will only receive their CCP credits at the end of the year once their TRO access expires.

How to get credit for using TRO

To receive CCP credits, members must retain a combination of two documents (Option A or B) for a minimum of five years in the event that they are selected for a CCP audit.

Option A) A copy of their confirmation/approval email and a screenshot of their TRO homepage (the web page that displays practice test results).

Option B) A copy of their confirmation/approval email and a completed Self-Evaluation Practice Integration form.