The NHPC has strong relationships with insurance providers, as they often can be an essential part of a holistic health professional's practice.

Client Insurance Claims

All 2,200-hour massage therapy trained NHPC members are recognized and eligible for all insurance provider direct-billing systems in unregulated provinces and territories.

The NHPC has negotiated many eligibility agreements with insurance companies and advocates on the behalf of all NHPC-recognized modalities.


  • advocates for the recognition of holistic health treatments in extended health/wellness plans
  • promotes practitioner competencies
  • supports members with eligibility requirements
  • builds relationships with insurance benefits providers

Liability Insurance Coverage

There are two insurance options available for practising members:

  • Insurance Option 1: Medical Malpractice and Commercial General Liability (CGL) — designed for practitioners who work in clinics without CGL, home-based, and mobile therapists.
  • Insurance Option 2: Medical Malpractice only — designed for practitioners who work in clinics with CGL coverage.

Both types of coverage are national, so members retain insurance coverage with their membership if they relocate to a different area in Canada.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

  • covers members in the case they fail to perform to standard — for example, unintentionally injure a client during a session

Commercial General Liability

  • covers claims for personal injury, bodily injury, and property damage — often called "slip and fall insurance"
  • is individual — it does not cover a business