Onsen™ is a combination of three treatment techniques based on fundamental myofascial treatment philosophies (muscle energy technique, post-isometric relaxation, and transverse friction massage).


Massage Therapist Rich Phaigh developed Onsen™.  After years of experience focusing on specific movements, he found could create balance in the muscular system and release restrictions that reduce pain and restore normal functioning to the muscles and joints. Onsen™ techniques are often incorporated into other holistic health practices.


Onsen™ practitioners use three components (muscle energy technique, post-isometric relaxation, and transverse friction massage) together to balance the myofascial and muscular systems, releasing stress and pain in the body. All three techniques focus on releasing identified restrictions to achieve a neutral state of stress in the musculature.

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Onsen™ can help create balance, particularly length/stretch balance in soft tissues, as balanced muscles do not create pain.


A level of training that includes every competency component needed to safely and appropriately apply the treatment.


An additional treatment that first requires the practitioners to be trained in an appropriate related discipline.