Orthotherapy is an advanced massage therapy training that combines massage therapy, kinesitherapy, postural re-education, and exercise therapy.


Orthotherapy was originally developed in Quebec, Canada. The Canadian Federation of Orthotherapists was established in 1998 to support practitioners, promote orthotherapy, and develop standards.


This treatment uses basic Swedish massage to soften, relax, release stress, and to gently tone muscle.

Stretching and exercises can be used to enhance or maintain the work. Myofascial work releases tension, stress, scarring, or restriction in the complex myofascial network of the body. Various hydrotherapy techniques can help release tension and restrictions in muscle, as well as reduce pain.

Joint and muscle balancing techniques are used to maximize range of motion and to reduce stress or unevenness in the body. Diet and lifestyle suggestions help the client maximize health.

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Orthotherapy can help address acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.


A level of training that includes every competency component needed to safely and appropriately apply the treatment.


An additional treatment that first requires the practitioners to be trained in an appropriate related discipline.