Spa/Body Wraps

Spa/Body Wraps are gentle mixtures (often a paste) of various types of clays, muds, salts, herbs, essential oils, milks, or other organic compounds.


The use of wraps, salts, and other compounds as masks or poultices by herbalists, doctors, and shamans predates written history. While popularity has waxed and waned, these products have been gaining popularity in Western culture ever since the Spa industry regained its popularity in the 1980s as a primary place for pampering, relaxation, and health.


The body wrap is prepared and then applied. Masks are usually like poultices, applied and allowed to dry before peeling off or carefully brushed or washed off. With wraps, the material is gently spread over the client, who is then wrapped up (in sheets, thermal blankets, etc.) and left to relax.

The client is then unwrapped and is either washed off using various shower methods, or may step into a bath to soak the wrapped material off. Practitioners use salt glows or salts with dried herbal products to gently or vigorously scrub the skin until it glows from the stimulation of circulation.

A cleansing process usually follows. In most cases, these services are combined with Swedish or other massage techniques. Aromatherapy may also be involved.

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Depending on the mixture, Spa/Body Wraps can have cleansing, detoxifying, relaxing, or stimulating effects. 


A level of training that includes every competency component needed to safely and appropriately apply the treatment.


An additional treatment that first requires the practitioners to be trained in an appropriate related discipline.