STAMINA® training provides the knowledge and skills needed to align key stabilizing muscles in a particular direction which results in improved muscle strength, stability, and function.


Aleyna Sheradha founded STAMINA® after a failed back surgery and years of chronic back pain and nerve damage. After eight years of trying a variety of holistic health treatments, which only provided temporary relief, she decided to try gentle hatha yoga postures.

After 18 months of this treatment, Sheradha was able to reverse her nerve damage and return to work as a massage therapist. After her rapid recovery, Sheradha decided to study the biomechanics behind her recovery with yoga.

After further study of kinesiology, manual therapy techniques, and restorative yoga, Sheradha also became a certified yoga instructor. She discovered that certain patterns of muscle movement seemed to consistently relieve compressing forces in the skeletal and muscular system and seemed to answer the underlying issues behind structural and soft tissue compression.

After fusing together several directional movements, yoga postures, and manual therapy into her practice, Sheradha developed STAMINA® Rehabilitation Therapy in 2009.


STAMINA® is often incorporated into general massage practice. Practitioners combine an assessment of certain muscle fibers with neuro-motor reduction. STAMINA® techniques address the musculoskeletal system and the central nervous system, which help the body regulate the autonomic nervous system

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STAMINA®  can help decrease symptoms, improve range of motion, increase muscle stabilizing strength, regulate myofascial hypertonus, and resolve trigger points.  


A level of training that includes every competency component needed to safely and appropriately apply the treatment.


An additional treatment that first requires the practitioners to be trained in an appropriate related discipline.