To safeguard our employees and visitors, the NHPC office itself is closed and staff are working remotely. See our COVID-19 Q & A for pandemic-specific information.

Professional Standards

The NHPC has been promoting holistic health for over 30 years and is committed to strengthening and maintaining professional standards for its practitioners across Canada. The NHPC reinforces professional standards by:

  • evaluating practitioner qualifications to ensure they meet or exceed established competencies for each holistic health practice the Association represents
  • requiring practitioners to maintain and enhance their knowledge and skills to support continued safe and effective practice, using a robust Continued Competency Program
  • creating and maintaining accountability through a stringent Code of Ethics and a thorough Complaints Resolution Process
  • establishing and promoting industry-compliant record keeping best practices for members

Professional standards support public safety by establishing practitioner competence and accountability. By following these standards, NHPC members demonstrate their professionalism as holistic health practitioners.