All insurance and employee health benefits plans offer different coverage. To find out if a holistic health practice is covered, contact your insurance provider directly.

If your benefit plan does not cover a holistic health practice that you find effective, ask your insurance provider to include it in your coverage. This supports recognition of holistic therapies for the health benefits they provide and promotes robust insurance coverage.

When you contact your insurance company, include the following information:

  • what practice(s) you want added to your coverage
  • how this practice addresses any ailments or injuries you have
  • how past/current treatments improved your overall work performance or well-being

We have prepared coverage request letters for some holistic health practices that you can send to your insurance provider.

Adding Holistic Health Practices to Your Employee Health Benefits Plan

Please copy the text below from the box of the practice you wish to add to your health benefits plan, then paste it into an email message. Sign the email as you normally would in a professional capacity.

If you are an ASEBP employee, you must email your request to All other clients should email their plan administrator.

If you would like to add multiple practices to your health benefit plan, please email, and we will prepare a custom letter for you.





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