Effect Therapy is Hiring: RMTs

Effect Therapy is Hiring: RMTs

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At Effect Therapy, we take pride in offering our therapists a professional, modern, stress-free environment so that they may focus solely on the clients they treat. 

We accomplish this by providing all of the supplies, tools and support needed by our therapists in order to deliver remedial treatment while growing as a professional. Effect Therapy also takes care of all the non-revenue-earning tasks required to effectively and efficiently provide therapy such as laundry, billing, scheduling, document handling, cross-practice coordination and more. Not only does this keep our therapists focused on their clients, but it also ensures therapist time is well utilized and competitively compensated.

For Massage Therapists, Effect Therapy currently offers the following employment options:

  • Employee - Salary based with commission split and all standard employment provisions (overtime & holiday pay, tax remittance, EI & CPP contributions, paid time off, leave protection) and enrollment in Effect Therapy’s extended health benefit plan (for full time employees)
  • Contractor - Fee schedule based

All practitioners, regardless of employment structure, will be included in our Therapist Enhancement Program which offers part and fully paid education and additional certification programs, aimed at increasing the overall knowledge and expertise of our therapists, and ultimately the experience of our clients. 

To learn more about what Effect Therapy offers, visit our website: www.effecttherapy.ca

For more information on available positions, compensation, scheduling, and more, please inquire to employment@effecttherapy.ca