Massage Therapy Clinic

Massage Therapy Clinic

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If you are a Registered Massage Therapist reading this ad, you likely are fully booked but wondering what else is available to you. You might not love working in a multi-disciplinary clinic and wish you were working with only other Massage Therapists. Maybe you are tired of relaxation massages in a spa setting or perhaps you simply want to add a few days in a massage only clinic, creating real change in your clients lives and bodies. If this is you, we would love to meet with you to discuss what we can do for you.

Based on the demand of our clients, they are requesting appointments with female registered massage therapists. Currently, we have 7 male therapists building their practice and do not have room to increase this offering.

Find out why therapists stay at Apex for 10+ years.

  • Culture is important to them, Quartly social events
  • They create a schedule online that works for them,
  • unlimited vacation/time off, and can pick up shifts available,
  • all materials supplied, POS fees paid, sheet service,
  • full time administration, they choose contract or employee with gratuties,
  • thousands spent on marketing, and seeing 140 new clients a month
  • onsite chair and table events, supporting community in living a well lived life.

Apex has been serving Calgary for 28 years. If your values are in line with our Values: Contribution, Joy and the skill of Listening to Understand, then we would like to meet with you.

You must have a minimum of 2200 hours of education and/or hold a full association membership, as well as have a city license.


· Quality customer service – ability to work one-on-one with clients, being responsible for each client’s experience

· Strong communication skills – being able to listen to client concerns and apply massage techniques accordingly as well as communicate findings and recommendations of home care

· Complete required continued education as dictated by the provincial association

· Assist in the general operation – this includes folding laundry, washing dishes, cleaning your room

· Ability to work in a group-based, team environment

· General office duties – treatment notes online

Key Competencies:

· Excellent communication and time management skills

· Must keep good health and utilize proper body mechanics

· Is friendly, has an outgoing personality and caring attitude – should enjoy developing and implementing treatment plan

*the right candidate will be able to work weekends and evenings

***2 – 5 days (available 3-9PM and weekends)***

Supplemental Pay

  • Tips
  • Commission pay