Full time/ Part time RMT positions

Full time/ Part time RMT positions

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Everything supplies, fulltime reception team, and office manager, to ensure that your days run smoothly, and you have a support system in place. 

We are paperless, and you will be able to see your schedule, and will be alerted every time an appointment is booked right to your device of choice.

We have hydraulic tables in every room, and all the nice amenities that our clients have grown to love. Clinics are beautiful and clean.

We believe in growth. Are you just starting out? Are you a senior therapist? Not all pay structures look the same, we believe in paying for experience, knowledge, and professionalism. Your salary will grow, just as you do in you career and skills.

You will be EMPLOYED, which means we will be contributing to your EI, CPP, etc. We feel that Employment offers you job security, and protects you in the events of an unforseen event or emergancy. Also will consider Sub Contractor for indivduals who are established, and looking for a home to continue to grow!

Work/Home life balance is very important to our Company. We will work with you to create the job and schedule that best fits your lifestyle. 

We are an all-inclusive business providing services for all races, religions, gender expressions, sexual preferences and ablity. If you are a kind and awesome human we would love to meet you!

Please email your resume to: northgate@advanced-massage.ca