We offer comprehensive Canada-wide liability insurance, so you are covered if you relocate or work in more than one province (for example, a teaching engagement or summer job at a resort). 

Medical Malpractice (Professional Liability) insurance is required for all regular members.

You also have the option to add Commercial General Liability (CGL) or Contents insurance to your coverage. These options ensure you always have the right coverage for your needs. 

Our insurance is offered at a flat rate, so you can offer as many of our 60+ recognized practices to your clients as you like — at no additional cost.

Another benefit to choosing NHPC membership is that our insurance is occurrence-based, which covers losses that happen during the policy period regardless of when the claim is made.

This means that even if you don't renew your liability insurance policy, coverage will always be there for incidents that took place during the covered period.

Medical Malpractice Insurance (Required)

Also known as Professional Liability insurance, this provides coverage for claims brought against you for professional negligence. Professional negligence is the failure to exercise due care, knowledge, and skill when working with your client.

Coverage includes claims in which the client alleges your treatment caused them sickness, disease, or bodily injury.

Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance (Optional Add-on)

CGL insurance provides coverage for liability claims brought against you for negligence due to surroundings.

This includes, but is not limited to, claims for slips and falls, allergic reactions, and damage caused to premises due to negligence.

Contents Insurance (Optional Add-On)

Contents insurance covers the replacement cost of the physical property and equipment you own.

Coverage also includes the loss of income-producing ability when the loss or damage is caused by an insured peril such as fire, water damage, or explosion.

Protection is only provided to the member's contents. Damage to physical buildings is not covered.


Not sure which insurance coverage is right for you? Use our Insurance Selection Guide (PDF) to decide.