Join our community of 6,500 practitioners working to strengthen the reputation of holistic health practices across Canada. As an NHPC member, you can count on competitive pricing with no hidden fees and unparalleled membership service.

Our three membership types offer flexibility and support to students, working practitioners, and practitioners who have paused their practice.

Student Membership

If you are a student enrolled in your first or second year of a recognized program, you will have:

  • free membership
  • exclusive discounts on products and services for your practice
  • one-on-one advice on starting and managing your practice
  • access to member-only events and education
  • optional discounted insurance for your practicum 

Regular Membership

We are proud of our community of regular members, from new members to those who have been with the Association for over 30 years. We offer regular members:

  • competitive membership and insurance rates
  • comprehensive Canada-wide insurance coverage for more than 60 holistic health practices
  • exclusive discounts on products and services for your practice
  • a flexible continuing education program
  • access to member-only events and education
  • one-on-one advice on managing your practice and support for client insurance claims

Associate Membership

Certain life events — like welcoming a new family member, going back to school, or recovering from an injury — can mean pausing your practice for a while. 

Switching to associate membership during these times preserves your membership history and lets you keep the same number for billing when you return to work. Associate membership also gives you:

  • half-price membership dues
  • discounts on products, services, and continuing education
  • access to member-only events and education
  • regular news on changes in the industry and the association that may impact your practice when you return to work