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Login Help

Login Issues

"Email/username or password is incorrect" Message

If the website tells you "Email/username or password is incorrect" it is because either:

  • the  username (your email address) doesn't match what's in the system
  • your password is doesn't match what's in the system

Your username should be your email address, all lowercase. Your password should be should be the most recent password you set up.

If you reset your password, the email from the system will also show your username. Please ask staff to correct your username if it's not all lowercase in the email.

Mobile Devices

If you are using a mobile device, make sure it's not auto-correcting your username or password for you. Sometimes they automatically capitalize it, correct it as the wrong word, or copy in a space.

Web Browser Settings

Your web browser itself may be auto-filling your old password when you try to log in. To avoid this:

  • clear the history, cookies, and saved passwords from your browser (make sure all windows/tabs are closed before doing this)
  • make sure the "auto-fill" feature is not enabled for passwords

Alternatively, use In-Private or Incognito browsing mode to log in, which will prevent the previous browser memory from interfering.

If that doesn't work, try a completely different web browser or even a different device to log in. That will reduce the chance of compatibility issues.

Username/Password Retrieval

Don't Know Your Username and/or Password

Use the "I forgot my username/password" link to have your username and a password reset link sent to the email address associated with your membership.

"Unable to Find Email" Message

If you get the "Unable to find email" message when attempting to reset your password, that means the email address entered does not match any email address in the member database.

Contact the NHPC office to update your email address.

Password Reset Email Not Received

If the website tells you "Password reset notification has been sent." but you don't receive an email within 15 minutes, first check your spam or junk folders for the message.

If you still haven't received the message, add "" to your contact list and/or "" to your approved sender list, safe sender list, or white list, and then have the email sent again.

Sometimes Hotmail doesn't deliver emails even after taking that step, so you may need to provide a different email address (non-Hotmail).

"Password Not Changed" Message

If you reset your password using the link in the email but the website tells you "Password not changed", this could mean the link has expired. Try getting another link from the website and use it right away.

If that doesn't work, use a different web browser (or Incognito or In-Private browsing mode) to reset your password.

Other Messages or Issues

If you encounter other messages or issues with your login or on the website in general, please contact us.