Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence

Thursday, September 27, 2018, 06:00 PM

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On September 30, 2018, the NHPC celebrates its 30th anniversary! What started as an Edmonton-based, massage-focused social club has since grown into a national association that represents over 6,300 holistic health practitioners.

While the NHPC continues to support thousands of massage therapists across the country, it also recognizes many other holistic practices that contribute to the wellness of Canadians. This array of complementary treatments allows NHPC practitioners to offer unique and balanced services to their clients.

To celebrate its anniversary, long-term members were asked to share why they chose the NHPC and offer some words of wisdom to new practitioners. Here is what members who have been with the Association for over 20 years had to say:

The NHPC has superbly represented the diverse health community and has listened to the members consistently and patiently. I believe NHPC is the most progressive natural health organization in North America! And it is an incredible voice in the field, too. I am a proud member and have recruited many members over the years. Anne
The experiences I've had as a volunteer on the NHPC Board of Directors and Mentorship Committee have inspired my practice. I've gained skills and made connections through world-class educators, researchers, and practitioners — both locally based and from around the world.

The NHPC has connected me to a community of like-minded, progressive, creative, and inclusive natural health practitioners I couldn't find anywhere else.

The success of my 22-year career as practitioner is a direct result of the support and opportunities I received as a member of the NHPC. Joining the NHPC was the single best decision I made as a natural health practitioner. Paul
When I state my NHPC membership number, people think I am mistaken. My number has only 3 digits, and I am proud of that number! I am also very proud to say I am a member of this association.

In all my many years of practising there have been major changes to our profession on so many levels. Due to the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of this group, my career remains alive and well.

If you are looking for an association that you can trust to have your back and provide a community of continued support and education, then choose the NHPC. I will always be grateful for all they have done for me Teresa
In a nutshell, I particularly appreciate the integrity and professionalism of the NHPC. All of the boxes have continually been ticked off for me:
  • due diligence when considering complementary modalities for recognition.
  • strong government advocacy
  • acknowledgment of practitioners' professional competence regardless of the number of hours quoted on their diplomas
  • an independent review procedure for public complaints
  • well organized opportunities for continuing education and networking
The NHPC is an organization whose philosophy has always been from the ground-up, responding to the needs of its members first and foremost. I have only ever had good things to say about the NHPC and am proud to identify as a member! Jennifer
Associations are like people — they have their own distinctive character. Associations can be edgy, self-centered, or suspicious of anything new. Or, they can be open, interested, and full of fun — like the NHPC.

The NHPC is this way because of the people who put their energy into it and the values we hold. Matthew
Membership with the NHPC has been one of the most important pillars in my 30-year career as a massage therapist. The power of the NHPC rests largely in its mandate for inclusiveness and diversity.

What has placed it head-and-shoulders above other organizations is the Association's desire to represent and support a broad spectrum of unique alternative healing modalities. This inclusiveness has strengthened all modalities.

Alongside that, the NHPC has become a strong voice for alternative and complementary healing in general, and an effective and powerful advocate for massage therapists in particular. The Association's work with insurance agencies and governments at all levels has benefitted the industry immeasurably.

The NHPC has been an integral part of my career and I know it will continue to serve in this capacity for others in the decades to come. Todd
I am truly grateful to have been a part of this association for almost 25 years now. Working out of my home and living in a rural area doesn't give me the opportunity to network through a clinic, but attending NHPC conferences and workshops allows me to connect with the holistic community.

I've watched the evolution of the Association over the years, and again, I am grateful and impressed by the community that has been created.

To all new members I can only say: be part of this progressive association, help it grow and, it will help you grow too.Heidi
I have been a member with the NHPC since 1996. The Association has always had my best interests in mind. The NHPC has been easy to get along with and answers my questions and concerns in a timely manner.

I've been a massage therapist for 22 years and they have never let me down. I strongly recommend new therapists give the NHPC their membership! Loretta

The NHPC staff would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of the members who make this association one to be revered. We are truly impressed by the values our members share, the professionalism they exude, and the support they offer to each other and to their clients.

Our members are leaders, change-makers, and champions in the holistic health community. Whether you have a single-digit member number or have just joined us as a student, we are proud to represent you and work together to advance holistic health in Canada.

Happy 30th Anniversary!!

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