Celebrating Volunteers With Ronald McDonald House Charities

Monday, April 25, 2022, 02:20 PM

Celebrating National Volunteer Week

April 24 to 30 is National Volunteer Week in Canada. To celebrate, we'd like to recognize all the wonderful individuals who make time to volunteer!

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We'd also like to introduce two of our members doing some amazing work in their local communities. Jeanette Bruce and Kanchana Todamrongrat are NHPC members and active volunteers with the Ronald McDonald House Charities Alberta (RMHC Alberta).

The Ronald McDonald House supports families across Canada seeking medical treatment for their seriously ill or injured children.

NHPC and RMHC Alberta: A Harmonious Partnership

Beginning in 2017, the NHPC and RMHC Alberta have partnered to bring holistic health care directly to the Edmonton chapter and the families residing there. NHPC members volunteer their time and expertise to offer treatments for the caretakers and family members staying at the House.

"The difference these volunteers make is huge! We fill up the slots for the massages within the first day of being posted," Elyse Bondar (RMHC Alberta Volunteer and Program Manager) shares.

We, along with our members, are dedicated to helping other non-profit organizations across Canada. We thank the many volunteers over the years who have dedicated their time to this worthy initiative.

Member Spotlight: Jeanette Bruce, NHPC Member since 2010

Jeanette Bruce, NHPC member and volunteer at RMHC AlbertaNHPC member Jeanette Bruce started volunteering with the RMHC Alberta to help families that could benefit from relaxation and a moment away from the stress.

When asked what she enjoys most about volunteering, Jeanette shares, "Seeing happy and relaxed faces even if only for a short time. Volunteering makes me happy, and I feel I make a difference."

Jeanette arrives early for her volunteer shift to set up the room and create an inviting and calming environment for clients.

In addition to providing a relaxation or therapeutic massage, she says she also often provides a listening ear for her clients to decompress and some chocolate if they'd like!

Jeanette recalls an experience where she truly felt she made a difference. "The client I massaged was under so much stress when she entered the room, I thought it would be a challenge for me to calm her down. When the hour was up, her whole behaviour had changed. Her face looked so relaxed and beautiful."

Jeanette encourages other practitioners to volunteer too: "You will help in such a way that you will never realize. We may not all have money to help others, but we do have a few hours a month to make someone smile."

Member Spotlight: Kanchana Todamrongrat, NHPC Member since 2015

Kanchana Todamrongrat, NHPC member and volunteer at RMHC AlbertaKanchana Todamrongrat is a massage therapist in Edmonton, Alberta.

When she first saw the call for volunteers with the RMHC Alberta, she knew it was a way she could positively impact her community.

Kanchana enjoys volunteering with the House once a week, where she can enjoy a new experience each time and with each person who comes for treatment. She enjoys helping the families relieve stress and relax, even if just for an hour.

When asked about what advice she would give to someone thinking about volunteering, Kanchana said, "It's good for you to meet new people and learn from new experiences. You get to help people live a healthy life and impact the community."

Kanchana's desire to help in her community is a true reflection of the hearts of every volunteer.

Getting Involved

Many NHPC members volunteer with other organizations and dedicate their time to a variety of worthy causes. We appreciate you and thank you for your compassion and generosity!

As we continue to return to normal life after the pandemic, we hope to expand this program to other Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada.

If you are an NHPC member interested in volunteering with the RMHC Alberta or finding other ways to get involved, send us an email at communications@nhpcanada.org.

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