Four Reasons to Book a Massage During the Summer

Tuesday, August 14, 2018, 10:35 AM

With so much to do during the summer months from hiking, gardening, playing summer sports, or chasing your kids around the playground, it always seems like the summer is the busiest time of the year.

When life becomes crazy and exciting, we forget about self-care and how important it is. Here are some reasons that you should take some time for yourself and book a massage this summer:

1. Massage Helps With Sore Limbs and Joints

Temperature change in the summer can have an effect on your muscles, and those with chronic pain can have it worse than most. The heat of summer can cause fluctuations in fluid levels, which can lessen lubrication of the joints, causing increased inflammation and pain.

Massage is a great way to help increase blood flow and reduce the swelling in your joints, allowing you to be more mobile and decreasing the summer aches and pains.

An NHPC Massage Therapist performing massage on a client.

2. Massage Reduces Stress

Stress happens regardless of what the temperature is outside. But with endless things on the go and trying to make the most out of the short months and long days, the stress of summer can mount quickly.

Even just one session can ease some of that tension, helping you relax so you are ready to take on anything that summer can throw at you.

3. Dreaded Lawn Work

Keeping your backyard beautiful is tough work. Mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, or planting trees — it all takes a toll on your lower back and shoulders.

The constant yard work doesn't stop until the first snowfall. A massage can ensure that this pain doesn't linger and can reduce inflammation.

4. Self-care, Self-care, and More Self-care

It's easy to put self-care on the back burner during the summer, especially when we are busy and overwhelmed. Being busy is a part of a normal summer, but self-care should still be a priority for you. Self-care can help prevent burnout.

A regular massage appointment during the summer means taking the necessary time for yourself, to help you refocus, and ensures that you can just relax. 

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