Jin Shin Do - Restore Balance and Harmony

Monday, June 13, 2016, 09:00 AM

Meet Kim MacEachran, an Accredited Jin Shin Do® Practitioner 

Kim MacEachran"We all know people who are burnt out from work, from life, that are going 500 miles per hour and then not knowing how to stop. Because if they stop or slow down or change or quit their job or leave a relationship, they're going to fall apart and they don't know how to handle that. Sound familiar?", asks Kim MacEachran.

Kim found herself in a similar situation in her mid-twenties. She needed to make a substantial life change from the world of sales.

Like so many holistic health practitioners, Kim wanted a deeper connection with a person — something intangible that you can't sell or own. And so that led her into the world of massage.

After practising for several years, Kim became an instructor in the Massage Therapy Program, at Grant MacEwan University. She taught trigger point therapy, and then became interested in acupressure and traditional Chinese medicine.

After discovering a book on the subject, Kim learned about and decided to pursue Jin Shin Do®. She connected with Iona Teeguarden, who developed Jin Shin Do®, then pursued her studies to integrate Jin Shin Do® into her massage practice.

Eventually, due to her clients' needs, she decided to solely focus on Jin Shin Do®.

The Client Experience

Kim describes her main clientele as women from 45-65, or women who are going through peri-menopause/menopause - a time that is emotionally and physically challenging.

She remembers one client in particular who came at the suggestion of her husband, after experiencing hot flashes and sleep issues. After identifying an imbalance in her meridians, her client started to relax. "The breathing changes — a sigh. Then the release. Then the tears start to flow. That's what's so good about it."

A lot of her clients, Kim explains, come in feeling emotionally out of whack. "It may manifest as, 'I have a stiff shoulder. Or, I'm not able to sleep." Many are physical symptoms. I work with an imbalance and try to restore harmony and balance."

Integrating Ohm Therapeutics™

Kim believes that harmony and balance are important for herself, as well as for her clients. She is continually looking for ways to expand her knowledge of holistic healing. She is currently integrating a sound healing technique called Ohm Therapeutics™ into her practice.

Ohm Therapeutics™ is a basic, yet comprehensive sound healing system featuring the universally recognized vibrational frequency of Ohm and its overtones.  Kim applies it to a variety of acupoints.

"For me, sound healing is very lovely — just this soothing sensation travelling throughout the body. It's very relaxing and satisfying for clients and it's where some profound healing begins."

Spreading the Word

Kim spreads awareness of Jin Shin Do® and its benefits to the wider community. She is the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada's (NHPC) Board Past-President and has previously volunteered for the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Edmonton, amongst other organizations.

She teaches workshops and believes in the importance of teaching her clients "self-acupressure" or ways of maintaining the work that has been done in session. A few of MacEachran's clients have even gone on to become Jin Shin Do® practitioners.

She provides a space where healing can happen, where her clients can stop going 500 miles per hour. "You get to a point in your practice where it's not about you as a therapist. You step back from the process. Jin Shin Do® allows that. It allows a person to have that space and respect. It's an opportunity for clients to check in with themselves, to become stronger within themselves."

Jin Shin Do® translates as "the way of the compassionate spirit." Nothing could more accurately describe Kim, a compassionate spirit who brings balance to her clients' lives.

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