To safeguard our employees and visitors, the NHPC office itself is closed and staff are working remotely.  
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Member Benefits

The NHPC offers its members a number of services and benefits that strengthen their practices in the holistic health industry. 

The NHPC offers membership at competitive rates. Regular membership dues are only $300, and insurance premiums are either $125 or $85, depending on the coverage chosen. Student members do not pay dues and have a reduced insurance premium. Taxes are additional and based on province of residence.

See our Membership Fee Calculator for the exact cost of different membership options, including provincial taxes.

NHPC membership is valid in any province or territory in Canada.

NHPC's Liability Insurance Program is recognized Canada-wide and is valid for multiple holistic health practices, regardless of where the practitioner works.

The NHPC's Continued Competency Program (CCP) promotes lifelong learning, adds professional credibility, and ensures client safety.

The NHPC has an extensive menu of learning opportunities to satisfy CCP requirements, including workshops, conferences, online modules, and webinars.

The NHPC has strong relationships with insurance providers.

All 2,200-hour massage therapy trained NHPC members are recognized and eligible for all insurance provider direct-billing systems in unregulated provinces and territories, including TELUS Health, Blue Cross, and Green Shield Canada.

The NHPC has massage therapy members with various training backgrounds and Competency Equivalency Exam completion. The NHPC has negotiated many eligibility agreements with insurance companies and always advocates on the behalf of all members.

Through its comprehensive advocacy program, NHPC members are represented to governments at all levels and to the insurance industry. The NHPC ensures that municipal, provincial, and federal regulations benefit holistic health practitioners.

All members can access the services of an experienced Practice Management Coordinator who provides information to members related to their modalities or operating their businesses.

All NHPC members have access to the services of the Insurance Liaison team. They provide members with necessary information about insurance eligibility and advocate on their behalf to insurance companies.

The NHPC provides its members with access to group discounts from companies that offer valuable products and services. These include electronics, mobile phones and plans, fitness memberships, health plans, and home and auto insurance.

NHPC members also receive special rates for NHPC events and store items.

All members receive timely communication thanks to the twice-monthly electronic newsletter, in-person meetings throughout the year, and email updates on urgent or time-sensitive topics.

These tools highlight important association updates, provide industry insights, and help members connect with their holistic health community.

The NHPC is highly active on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The website also features monthly blogs that promote holistic health to the public and highlight NHPC members' expertise.

All Regular members have access to a free Health Provider Directory listing.

The Health Provider Directory is a great tool for members to market themselves and their practices. The Health Directory enables potential new clients around Canada to easily find a practitioner in their area.

The NHPC's professional staff are dedicated to assisting members, whether it's answering questions, providing advice on business operations, or helping them resolve challenges to their practice.